Respect The Vest 
I'm Working
My name is Rethy (pronounced Reethy).  Strangers see me and say "cute dog".  They baby talk, reach out to pet, try to get my attention or worse.  They don't know they are making my job harder.

Meet my sister, Hattie.  She's my understudy.  My human and I are training her to be a service dog, too.  Check the movies page to watch her progress.

"Individually trained" helper for a person with a disability

Here's a picture of me with some friends.  Grace and Ollie are on the bench squeezing me.  Dakota is in front.  We are all working dogs.

People ask my human, "Where can I get one of those vests? I want to take my dog everywhere too."

Why don't they ask, "Where can I get a lab coat?  I want to be a doctor."  If you can get the the work gear, why go through all that training? 

RESPECT THE VEST - I wear it because I am TRAINED to assist my human with her disability.
Humans who get lab coats and pretend they are doctors are committing a crime.  When a person pretends their dog is a service dog and it's not trained to mitigate their human's disability, that is a crime, too--vest or no vest.

Some of my colleagues...awesome service dogs.

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